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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: In the hour of distress, GOD is always present by our side as the biggest hope. When GOD comes, distress disappears and we become hopeful. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

We must never lose hope for goodness, religion, GOD’s grace and GOD’s mercy because in history there are many instances when the evil have become so strong that the religion and faith have lost ground. Hiranyakashpu and Ravana are two examples. Both established the evil empire and the goodness and religion lost ground and evil got the better of them. Both the demons become so powerful that they declared themselves as GOD and started their worship and closed all gates of religion.

In such situation GOD fulfilled His immortal words of Holy Srimad Geeta ji in the verse "Yada Yada Hi Dharmarsya Glanirbhavati Bharat" and saved the religion and re-established the religion. There are many instances in history when the decline of religion was nullified by GOD and religion was hailed again.

Therefore during the hour of distress, when we feel that there is no religion left, and when the evils have raised their head then we must upkeep natural faith in GOD’s grace and GOD’s mercy. If it is not so then we will be tempted to take the evil path as the situation will lead us to believe that we alone cannot survive among evils. Becoming evil in evil situation is a big blunder.

When we will have devotion towards GOD, we will have faith that in past GOD has destroyed the evils and have established religion as per His vow in Holy Srimad Geeta ji- a vow for upkeep of religion at all times.

Therefore in social life, seeing evil and living amidst evil, we should not be tempted in evil nor should we be pessimistic. Here one character namely Sri Vibhishan ji of Holy Shri Ramayana fits well. Leaving in evil and still following the path of religion lead him to become dear to the LORD and got him kingdom of undivided Lanka. If Vibhishan ji wanted he could have even favored the evil (Ravana) like Kumbhakaran. The ordeal of Vibhishan ji was when the all knowing LORD asked him the secret of Ravana’s death and without any hitch Vibhishan ji disclosed that Ravana had nectar in the belly button. Vibhishan ji knew that Ravana’s death was certain after disclosure of this secret. But he disclosed and that too without any hitch. The LORD knowing everything asked this to test him. For taking the side of religion and not evil, this was the biggest test in which Vibhishan ji succeeded. This was the reason that he ever remained dear to the LORD. If Vibhishan ji opted for evil his fate would have been similar to that of Kumbhakaran and Meghnath. Taking the side of goodness and religion lead him to the throne of Lanka.

When Vibhishan ji lived in Lanka ruled by Ravana, his only hope and faith was in LORD Shri Ramji. In his hour of distress, his only hope was LORD Shri Ramji. He had faith in GOD’s grace and GOD’s mercy.

In our personal life too, in pessimistic situation we must also have faith in GOD’s grace and GOD’s mercy. "GOD is with me" - if this feeling becomes strong ( it can only happen with devotion) then it will only take a time similar to the time taken for melting of ice in sunshine for our pessimism to turn into optimism. This fact can only be experienced. There are many great souls in the world who were taken out of pessimism into optimism by GOD.

What is the secret of negating distress and developing hope. What is the way that leads to hope from distress. There is only one secret, there is only one way- it is the way towards GOD. To get closer to GOD through devotion, to seek companionship of GOD through devotion. Then pessimism will run as the darkness runs. With the Sun rises the darkness disappears automatically. The Sun rise means that darkness must go. Likewise when GOD comes in our life it means that pessimism and negative ideas must go.

When GOD comes in our life, hope stays with us as our shadow stays with us. We do not have to ask our shadow to stay with us. It is implied that it will stay with us. Likewise when GOD comes in our life, hope stays with us.

The pessimism disappears as darkness disappears and the hope stays with us like shadow stays with us – it is only and only devotion which makes this possible. Devotion only has such ability. Nothing else has such ability to give such results in distress and in hope.

History is testimony to the fact that by holding the fingers of GOD, what big change did come to life. A great example is that of Pandavas when Yudhisthir ji wanted to perform Rajsyu Yagya ( an expedition to conquer the kings of the world) and the LORD laughingly asked that was it a demonstration to show how big you have become. Holding the Lotus feet of the LORD, Arjun ji said that we wanted to show the world that we did not have a piece of land equal to needle, we kept roaming here and there and many attempts were made on our lives but LORD pulled us out of all distress. We want to show the divine grace of the lotus feet of the LORD to the world, holding which the Pandavas who once roamed here and there today became the king of the world and have become as powerful to perform Rajsyu Yagna.

During deep distress, the only ray of hope is “GOD”. And the road that leads to GOD is that of “devotion”.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta

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