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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: GOD is very lenient while settling the accounts of a devotee and He settles it with kindness and mercy. But for a non-devotee GOD is very strict and without any relaxation He settles his account. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

In an office or factory, when we make monthly payment to an efficient, honest and dutybound employee we do not deduct the sum for the holidays taken by him or for his delayed arrival to work. But we do not ignore the same for a careless, work-shy employee.

When setting the accounts of a soul, GOD also sometimes becomes very lenient (ignoring the errors) but sometimes become very strict (following all rules without any relaxation).

When does this happen. When the opportunity comes for settling the accounts of a devotee, GOD becomes very lenient. GOD ignores many misdeeds of a devotee and forgives its ill results. GOD reduces the burden of misdeeds committed by a devotee to such an extent that it appears that He is committing mistake in the accounts. But GOD does so intentionally.

Why does he do so intentionally. Because GOD has great love, affection, caress and mercy for His devotee. Like a father or a mother forgives and ignore the mistake of their child, likewise the Almighty Father forgives and ignores the mistakes of His devotees.

We can understand this by the example of the employee. Take the example of an efficient, honest and dutybound employee. He always works for the benefit of the business and his employer. He is always agile and works as if he is doing his own work. If due to illness he is absent or due to rain he is late in reaching the office and if the same delay or absence is entered in attendance register, still at the month end his employee pays him his total salary because he knows that it was not done intentionally (but was due to illness or rain). Likewise GOD also knows that if His devotee commits a sin or indulges in a misdeed, it was not intentional for he never wanted to do it. It was the result of his past deeds in previous life which made him do so. If we have devotion and due to devotion if our heart is purified than GOD will forgive our sins. If GOD did not do so, such sins will make a new deed for which we have to take a new birth. GOD wants us to set free from it and therefore He forgives our sin.

If somebody thinks that GOD forgives a sin of a devotee and does not forgive it for a non-devotee and thus differentiate them, we must understand that GOD has a VETO power. Because there is no one bigger than GOD. Whatever GOD does becomes a rule. Just ponder that will you give relaxation to a careless employee, one who lies or one who manipulates. Never- because he is not considered good for relaxation. His deeds are such that a father will not give relaxation to such a son. Likewise the Almighty GOD also does not give relaxation to one who does not become good despite the opportunity provided to him for goodness.

Let us take another example. One father has two sons. One is very hard working, honest and obedient who adheres to the wishes of father and never gives any pain to the father. The father always remains happy with him. The father will have a different opinion of him. And the second son is careless, dishonest and duty-shy who do not obey his father and his father suffers due to his behavior. The father is saddened with his behavior. The father will have a different opinion of him. In any stage of life the father will favor the dutybound son, during division of wealth he will try to accommodate him with more share.

GOD also does the same and so there is not differentiation. For the one who is good, GOD is lenient with him and gives him more relaxations. For the one who is not good, GOD is strict and adheres to all rules for him.

Therefore when GOD settles the account of a wrongdoer, He follows all rules. All wrong deeds are accounted for. There is no error. The wrongdoer gets frightened with the wrong deeds committed by him and the settlement of the same with punishment. He is not able to utter a word. There is no kindness or mercy for him.

There is an example in the battlefield of MahaBharata where the wheel of the chariot of Karna got stuck in soil. GOD ordered Arjun ji to kill him. Karna objected to it saying that it was against the rule of the battle. The LORD scolded Karna who got ashamed of his past deeds and became answerless. GOD only said that the one who had obeyed the law in his lifetime can quote the law in distress. Whosoever has never obeyed the law cannot seek the shelter of the law during his end time. If he does do he is making a mockery of himself.

Likewise if the wrongdoer seeks the kindness and mercy of GOD at his fag end of his life - it tantamount to mockery. That wrongdoer had never tried to seek the kindness and mercy of LORD during his lifetime. He came across many opportunities when he could have sought the kindness and mercy of GOD but he missed the opportunities. But at the fag end of his life if he objects to the kindness and mercy of LORD on a devotee, he is only making a mockery of himself. If we feel the necessity of GOD’s kindness and mercy and if we know that we will need the same at the fag end of our life, then without delay, we must take recourse to the devotional path.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta

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