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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: The GOD’s kindness has such competence that it gives the comfort of congeniality even in unfavorable times. Therefore there is no greater misfortune than not earning GOD’s kindness in one’s life. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

If we earn GOD’s kindness and sleep on spines, it will not hurt. If our destiny or luck makes us sleep on spines, the spines would not hurt. On the opposite, if we are not able to earn GOD’s kindness in our life or have lacked our efforts in earning the same, then if we sleep on flower they will hurt.

A fitting example is that of Bhagwati Meera Bai. Filled with devotion and showered with GOD’s kindness, Bhagwati Meera Bai was tortured by Rana (husband of Bhagwati Meera Bai) who even made many attempts to kill her but was not able to even disturb her peace. Rana sends poison and Bhagwati Meera Bai took the name of the LORD and drank it and it became nectar. It was the effect of this nectar that she became immortal and the LORD took her body along with her soul to heaven. A poisonous snake was sent to Bhagwati Meera Bai which took the shape of a deity (Sri Saligram ji).Bhagwati Meera Bai was made to sleep on a bed fitted with poisonous spines but they turned into flowers. Rana got exhausted by torturing her and surrendered. Rana lost his honor but Bhagwati Meera Bai miraculously escaped from all this torture.

The effect of GOD’s kindness is found in this hymn – "Janakinath sahai kare jab, kaun bigar kare nar tero". (When GOD stands by you, who can harm you.) When GOD showers His kindness, who on earth can harm us. All the planets, constellation and even the unfavorable once become favorable and bless us with bliss. (In Astrology the stars and planets gives auspicious and inauspicious results). If all on earth becomes our enemy and they become so numerous that they are uncountable like the stars, then too they cannot harm us. The kindness of GOD has such power which we will see in another example of Sri Prahlad ji.

Sri Prahlad ji was born in a demon family but was a great devotee of the LORD and have earned GOD’s kindness in his early age of life. So many efforts by his father to harm him and to even kill him went in vain. He was left with snakes and efforts were made to kill him through an elephant, but all went in vain. He was thrown from the mountain but GOD was waiting down with His arms open and caught hold of the falling Prahlad ji. The biggest example was that of Holika who wanted to burn her with fire and Prahladji escaped unhurt due to which the festival of Holi is celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil. The saints have explained this episode in great words. When Holika (who had a boon not to be burnt by fire if she wore a divine wrapper) wore a wrapper and sat on fire holding Sri Prahladji in her lap, the wind from 49 directions blew away the divine wrapper and she was burnt to death. Sri Prahlad ji escaped unhurt from fire and when his friends asked him about the heat of fire, then he told them that the fire gave him cool comfort. The effect of GOD’s kindness is clear that the things which are deemed to hurt us gives us comfort. The spines do not hurt, the snake does not emit poison – only GOD’s kindness makes nature change its behavior.

After two mythological examples, let us see what happens if we do not earn GOD’s kindness and instead earn wealth, money and property. Let us see a modern example of an affluent Industrialist who has six sons. The Industrialist has earned lots of money and property in his whole life. In doing so he had done all wrong things. Due to his bad habits, he had fallen ill and in his last years he is bed ridden where he sees that the medicines do not work and they react. His sons await his death so that they can distribute his wealth. The in-fighting for wealth has already begun among his sons. Seeing all this, lying on a velvet bed, in a splendorous home, despite the best of the medicines, he experiences disturbances, bodily discomfort and mental turbulence and is not able to sleep at night. This is the example that if we have not earned GOD’s kindness and have instead earned wealth and property, then even if we sleep on flowers (on velvet bed) they will hurt and give us discomfort and will not allow us to sleep in peace.

The extract is that only due to GOD’s kindness the spines do not hurt. The extract is that only due to the absence of GOD’s kindness the flowers hurt. In both examples, it is the effect of GOD’s kindness which we can clearly see. The spines did not hurt Bhagwati Meera Bai & Bhaktraj Sri Prahlad ji only and only due to earning of GOD’s kindness. And the industrialist was hurt by flowers only because he was not able to generate GOD’s kindness because he only earned wealth and property and had failed to earn GOD’s kindness.

Therefore we should always make an effort to earn GOD’s kindness because the absence of GOD’s kindness in our lives is our biggest misfortune. And being able to earn GOD’s kindness is the biggest fortune. Therefore our effort should be to become fortunate for which earning GOD’s kindness is compulsory.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta

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