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151 The influence of whose association is greatest ? (The influence of GOD's association is greatest)

When we live in the association of GOD, then the evils escape from our conscience and the goodness comes and settles in our conscience. This is possible only under the influence of GOD’s association, otherwise, it is not possible by any other means. No matter how much effort the creature puts in this direction, but he is not able to do so because it is not possible with his effort. This is possible only and only with the association of GOD. The only way to attain GOD's association is the devotion of GOD. Therefore we will always find that goodness resides in the devotee's heart and there is no place for evil.

Therefore, we should undertake devotion in life so that we can get the association of GOD and by adopting the goodness and keeping the evils away from us, we can make our human life successful.

152 What should be done to make human life meaningful ? (Undertake devotion and stay away from the influence of illusion)

The creature from whose life devotion goes away, the effect of illusion (Maya) comes in his life. In the same way, the influence of illusion goes away from the life of one who has devotion. Devotion and illusion never stay together in one place because the path of devotion and the path of illusion are both in opposite directions. Where there is the devotion of GOD, the illusion does not get entry. Similarly, creatures walking on the path of illusion are not affected by devotion in life.

Therefore, if we want to make our human life meaningful, then we should follow the path of devotion so that illusion cannot affect us. As per the Scriptures, sages and saints, it is foolish to live a life in the midst of illusion.

153 What kind of human life is considered successful ? (Human life dedicated to GOD is considered successful)

There should be no shortage of dedication to GOD. There should be no shortage in the service of GOD. There should be no shortage in loving GOD and there should be no shortage in the devotion of GOD too. The one who is able to do so, GOD accepts him with great pleasure. We should dedicate ourselves completely to GOD. We should serve GOD all the time. We should love GOD and worship GOD wholeheartedly. Not a single stone should be left unturned in all this and it should be done completely in the best way, only then our human life will be successful.

Happening so is the supreme height and the ultimate success of human life.

154 What kind of devotion is dear to GOD ? (True and selfless devotion is dear to GOD)

The one who has true and selfless devotion, we should make a relationship with such a creature and keep a relationship with such a person only. We should beware of anyone whose devotion is selfish or hypocritical. Because by associating with such selfish and hypocrites, our true and selfless devotion is also affected. In such a situation, our true and selfless devotion may decline and it may get weakened. That is why we should always be careful and only the one who does true and selfless devotion should be associated with us in life. This is because true and selfless devotion is dearest to GOD and GOD waits for one who undertakes such devotion.

Therefore, one should undertake true and selfless devotion in life and should avoid hypocritical and selfish devotees.

155 What to do in human life ? (GOD should be attained in human life)

It is difficult to crack any exam because it requires effort and hard work but it is very easy to fail in the exam because it does not require any hard work and effort. If we don't read anything, we will surely fail. Similarly, passing in human life i.e. attaining GOD is difficult but not impossible at all and failing in human life i.e. not being able to attain GOD and then traveling in 8.4 million species is very easy. After taking birth in human life if we did not try to attain GOD by walking on the path of devotion and remained trapped in lust, anger, ego, greed and desires, then traveling in 8.4 million species is absolutely certain.

We have to see whether we have to reach the Divine Lotus Feet of GOD forever or we have to get caught in the cycle of birth and death of 8.4 million species, the decision is ours.

156 What is the essence of devotion ? (Non-satiety for GOD is the essence of devotion)

The essence of devotion is that there is satisfaction with the world and there is non-satiety for GOD, that is, there is a strong desire to know, hear and see GOD's Pastimes, context, pilgrimage, Satsang, bhajan repeatedly. On the contrary, the essence of Maya (Illusion) is to make us dissatisfied with the world, that is, dissatisfaction for want of pleasures, lust and desires and satisfaction of devotion for GOD. Under the influence of Maya, we go to the temple once in the morning, then the whole day is off, that is, once we have gone to the temple, then the whole day is satisfied with GOD and then the whole day is entangled in the world with unsatisfaction, this is what Maya does.

The objective and purpose of Maya is that it entangles us in itself and separates us from GOD. Therefore, by worshiping GOD, we should avoid the influence of Maya.

157 What should be done between Worry and Contemplation ? (We must contemplate GOD)

The difference between worldly concern and the contemplation of GOD is amazing. Worldly concern burns us moment by moment and frightens us. But the contemplation of GOD makes us fearless and reassuring moment by moment that GOD is always with us to protect us in any dire situation. GOD protects the one who contemplates GOD in every circumstance. Worrying leads us to diseases, whereas contemplating GOD frees us from the movement in 8.4 million species. Now it is up to us whether we have to worry about the world or contemplate GOD instead.

All the devotees of history were never concerned for themselves and did not waste their time in this. They made good use of their time in contemplating GOD.

158 Whose door is always open ? (GOD’s door is always open)

Every door in the world closes at some point. Father, mother, brother, father-in-law, brother-in-law all the doors close after a certain limit. But the door of GOD is the only one that remains always open and in every situation. There is never a lock in the door of GOD, nor do the gatekeepers there ever stop us from going inside. GOD is available to everyone always and at all times. The world may turn its back on us but GOD never turns His back on anyone. Anyone can come to GOD 24 hours, 365 days, anytime and can knock on GOD's door any number of times.

Therefore, we should love GOD by undertaking devotion of GOD who is always available to us.

159 Which wealth do we not pay attention to ? (We do not pay attention to spiritual wealth)

When we go to see a groom for our daughter, we see the outer form of the boy, not the inner form. We see the color and beauty of the skin, but we do not see how many virtues are in him. We see his worldly knowledge but do not see spiritual knowledge whether he has the knowledge of Shri Ramayanji, Shri Mahabharatji, Shrimad Bhagavad Geetaji and Shrimad Bhagwatji Mahapuran or not. We see his worldly wealth but do not see the wealth of the name of GOD, how much he has earned this wealth of the name of GOD. We do not see his tendency to earn the name wealth of GOD, how much name wealth of GOD he will earn in his lifetime.

In older days, people used to see the spiritual wealth of the groom but we see only worldly wealth. What a great misfortune this is and what a great downfall it is.

160 Who calculates the sins and virtues of the devotees ? (GOD calculates the sins and virtues of the devotees)

When GOD Shri Yamadharmaji and Shri Chitraguptji make the account of the sins and mistakes of the devotees on the Day of Judgment and tell them to GOD, then GOD pretends as if He has gone into sleep and does not listen at all. But when that devotee's virtue and good deeds are told, then GOD wakes up and increases its fruit manifold. It is the fruit of the infinite and extraordinary mercy and compassion of GOD on His dear devotees. Due to GOD's extraordinary mercy and compassion, devotees get forgiveness from sinful deeds and mistakes, and the fruit of virtuous deeds and good deeds is obtained manifold. But GOD does this only and only for His dear devotees who have dedicated their whole life to GOD. All the sages and saints have accepted the fact that GOD does partiality for His dear devotees.

Therefore, one should choose the devotion of GOD in life and should not get entangled in useless worldliness.