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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: Due to the division of religion and sects, we have lost the compassion towards each other. Devotion enlightens us to see the Universal LORD at all places. Then instead of bowing in a Mandir, Masjid or a Church we will learn to bow to the one and only LORD present at all these places. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

We will find the same water when we visit the different pier of a lake. Similarly we will find the same LORD in different religions, sects of the world. If all of them leads to the same LORD, then it makes no difference whether we choose any religion, sect to reach LORD just as we choose any pier to reach the lake water.

I am reminded of a touching verse wherein a seeker say to the LORD – I have bowed down seeing your doorstep, you only know whether you are present there in the form of Ishwar (Hindu LORD), Allah (Muslim LORD) or GOD (Christian LORD).

If we only learn to bow at the LORD’s doorstep, the differences of religion and sect immediately goes away. But we bow to a particular LORD and not to the universal LORD, therefore we have exhausted our compassion for other religion. Leave aside other religion, we have even divided our own religion into various sects.

When we will face LORD, He will definitely ask us the question that in your whole human life, how have you not reconciled to the fact that I (the LORD) is only one and the same everywhere. In the Holy Scriptures of all religions this fact is endorsed but we have still not been able to reconcile with it. The LORD feels the pain to see His sons to fight among themselves. Let us take an example of an earthly father having six sons. If all of them fight among themselves and have no brotherhood than the father will be saddened to see the fact that inspite of being the offspring of the same father, the brothers are so quarrelsome. The same hold true for the Universal Father when He sees that His children fight among themselves and have no consentience.

The LORD will ask this question to people of all religions at the end of their life that despite so much illustration in Holy scriptures wherein I (the LORD) have vehemently endorsed that I am only one. Despite so many devotees, saints who have awakened the world in all ages with their endorsement to the fact that LORD is one – then why did you fight in my name and in the name of my place of worship.

For example, like first of the six sons of the father keeps a photo of his father wearing a shirt-pant. The second son keeps the photograph of the father in a Coat - Tie. The third keeps the photo of his father wearing Dhoti-Chola (an Indian outfit) but in all photographs the father is the one and the same. Now if the sons fight, the first saying that my father who is wearing shirt-pant is superior, the second says that my father wearing Coat-Tie is bigger while the third son says that my father wearing Dhoti-Chola is the best. The father will laugh at his wooden-headed sons who fight among themselves over a stupid reason.

Likewise the LORD also feels when He sees that His son fight among themselves in the name of religion. This is when it is an established universal truth that the LORD is one and the same. That supreme power, the controlling power is one which operates the universe. “LORD is one” – we read and hear these three words but only if we are able to understand it and endorse it in our life, all the differences prevailing in the mankind will go. Then instead of bowing in a Mandir (place of Hindu worship), Masjid (place of Muslim worship) or a Church (place of Christian worship) we will learn to bow to the one and only LORD present at all these places. Then only that stage will come wherein we will be able to say to the LORD that I have bowed down seeing your doorstep, you only know in which form you are present there.

In whatever form the LORD resides, He is one and the same. The principle is - in which form we wish to seek the LORD, the LORD is present in the same form.

It is only with devotion that the veil of religion and sects goes away. Thereafter always and at all times we are able to see LORD everywhere. Thereafter we immediately understand the principle that all religion is acceptable as they all sing the glory of the LORD. Thereafter we do not hesitate to hail all religions and all sects because by that time we have understood the fact that if we visit any pier of a lake we will find the same water.

When all religions become acceptable to us, the universal brotherhood starts increasing. When the Father is one and we are all His children, then the love and brotherhood would blossom. Just as an earthly father is happy to see the love and affection in his six children, likewise the LORD also feels satisfied seeing the brotherhood among His children. On the contrary as an earthly father would be disturbed seeing the hostility among his six children, likewise the LORD will be pained to see His children fight in the name of religion and sects.

LORD is the one” – these four words, “LORD is one” – these three words, “One LORD” – these two words do not require us to be a scholar, pundit or even a literate to understand their real substance. But the dilemma is that the scholars and literates do not understand the real substance of these words nor do they try to endorse it in their life.

It is only devotion which makes us understand the real substance of these four, three and two words. With the prevalence of vigorous devotion we will start seeing Universal LORD everywhere instead of seeing ISWAR in Mandir, ALLAH in Masjid and GOD in Church. Then Puja (Hindu prayer), Sajada (Muslim prayer) and Prayer (Christian prayer) will become equal to us as they are all done to please the LORD. We will then develop respect for all religions and sects because the last aim of all of them is to associate us with the Supreme power. The paths can be different, but the destination is the same. Everyone has the freedom to choose any path, provided he reaches the destination.

Today there is so much opponency against each other’s religion. No one is the son of lesser GOD as there is no lesser GOD. The universal LORD is the one and same and we are all the children of the same LORD. Therefore whatever degree of pride we have for our religion, we much have a similar degree of respect for other’s religion.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta

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