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141 How much worldliness should we keep ? (We should keep simple worldliness)

We have done a lot of worldliness, earned great prestige in the society, yet we will be completely forgotten after five generations. Do we remember what our grandfather's grandfather's grandfather did ? They are forgotten from our memories. There is no one left in the society to remember them. When even after earning so much prestige, we are to be forgotten after five generations and as a result of it, we have to wander in 8.4 million species, then we should think whether our direction is correct ?

If we did not pay attention to earning so much prestige or on so much worldliness and turn towards GOD through devotion, then we are free from the cycle of birth and death forever. We would become free forever from being born in the world and will get a place in the Divine Lotus Feet of GOD.

142 Who protects the refugee ? (GOD protects the refugee)

One who does not take the shelter of GOD, GOD does not interfere in his rescue in adversity. That creature gets defeated by his deeds but the responsibility of protecting the creature who takes the shelter of GOD falls on GOD and GOD always fulfills His responsibility. There is the example of the Pandavas which confirms this fact. On taking shelter, GOD saved the Pandavas from the fire of Lakshagriha, saved Shri Bhimsenji from poisonous food, saved Bhagwati Draupadiji from the curse of Sage Shri Durvasaji, saved Bhagwati Draupadiji in the context of chir-haran, saved Shri Parikshitji from Ashwatthama who tried to destroy the lineage of Pandavas, saved Shri Arjunji from burning in the chariot that was tampered toxically.

Therefore, it is most important to take shelter of GOD in life because GOD always protects His devotees. This is GOD's vow, so GOD happily takes up the responsibility of protecting His refugee.

143 What is the true benifit of adversity in life ? (Turning towards GOD is the true benefit of adversity)

GOD sends adversity in the life of the one whom GOD showers true grace, due to which the soul remembers GOD. Then due to adversity, the process of remembering GOD starts in his life. GOD then, having mercy on him, takes him out one by one from his adversities. Due to this, the faith of that creature in GOD becomes very strong. This creates a feeling of gratitude for GOD in the heart of that creature. If GOD does not give adversity to the creature and gives only the favorable time, then that creature will be in the pleasure of that favorable time and will never be able to connect with GOD.

Therefore, giving favorable time is not the greatest grace of GOD but giving adversity is the greatest and truest grace of GOD.

144 What is the world ? (The world is a big web)

The world is a huge web. The creature remains badly entangled in it for the rest of its life. The only way to come out of this trap is through the devotion of GOD. Without devotion, no one can keep himself free from the web of this world, nor can he find calmness and peace in life. As we start undertaking devotion, our perspective of looking at life changes. We become successful in seeing the world as a mere spectator without getting entangled in the web of the world. The world then stops influencing and tormenting us.

Therefore, one who wants to enjoy life, who does not want to be bound by deed bondage and wants to improve this world and the afterworld, he should undertake devotion of GOD.

145 What do we always need ? (We always need GOD's grace)

Just think and see where we do not need the grace of GOD in life. We need GOD's grace in life at all times, everywhere. We need the grace of GOD while performing every action. It means that nothing is possible in life without the grace of GOD. Life itself is not possible without GOD's grace. The breath we are taking is the greatest grace of GOD. There is no power in science that even after giving life-long wealth earned by us, it can provide us with an extra breath. From breathing to every activity of life, we compulsorily need the grace of GOD. The air, water, light which GOD has given free to everyone and which is the most valuable is the great grace of GOD on the creatures.

The creature who constantly remembers GOD's grace in life and remains grateful to GOD becomes dear to GOD.

146 Who we must depend on ? (We must depend on GOD)

Considering one's manhood as incompetent for everything and relying on GOD for everything by taking shelter of GOD is a successful way of living. Relying on GOD more than our manhood is the key to success. This does not mean that we should not perform our manhood. Manhood must be done but we should not rely on that manhood. We must trust only GOD. GOD makes the manhood successful of the one who is dependent on GOD. The devotee never attributes his success to his manhood. The devotee always learns to see GOD's grace and remains dependent on the grace of GOD.

Relying on our manhood also gives us failure and even if we get success, then our ego increases. Relying on GOD gives us success in life and also gives us GOD's grace.

147 Who should be seen in form of a doer ? (GOD should be seen as the doer)

When the invisible hands of GOD as the doer and the grace of GOD cease to be visible, then the manhood of our own effort grows within us. Therefore, we should learn to see the invisible hands and grace of GOD in every aspect of life. It becomes the habit of a devotee that he feels the grace of GOD everywhere. The more we start seeing GOD's grace, the more GOD's grace starts happening in our life. The way to live life with success is to always see GOD as the doer and always experience GOD's grace in life.

On seeing GOD as the doer, we will start seeing GOD's grace everywhere and by doing so our lives will be blessed.

148 Which wealth is best ? (Spiritual wealth is the best)

A person earns worldly wealth by doing business, accumulating wealth by setting up industry and by investing in land and property. The second person earns spiritual wealth by undertaking the devotion of GOD. Who is successful in both ? From the point of view of the world, the earner of worldly wealth will be considered successful but from the point of view of the Scriptures, the earner of spiritual wealth will be considered as the most successful. The use of worldly wealth is limited to this world only whereas spiritual wealth operates in both, in this world and afterworld. So surely the one who earns spiritual wealth is bigger and successful.

Therefore, we should focus on earning that spiritual wealth that will stay with us even after death.

149 Whom we should have with us ? (We should have only and only GOD)

A worldly person says that he has money, property, bungalow, factory, car, that is, he has everything. On the other hand, a devotee says that he has only and only GOD. Just think and after thinking honestly, give a decision that who is the bigger of the two ? Surely there is no one in the whole world, not even in the whole universe who is bigger than the one who has only GOD. But see our misfortune that due to the influence of Maya (illusion) in Kaliyug (modern era), our mind does not believe this. Our mind considers him as the biggest and follows him only who has worldly resources.

Therefore, in life, one should strive to become only and only of GOD and to make only and only GOD as our own. In this lies the true success of human life.

150 Whom we are closer to in sorrow ? (In Sorrow we are closer to GOD)

One who is trapped in sorrow is closer to GOD because he keeps on remembering GOD continuously. A living example of this is Bhagwati Kuntiji, who even after the Pandavas got the kingdom after winning the war, sought sorrow from GOD. She did this because she knew and saw that GOD was with the Pandavas at every moment of sorrow and the Pandavas also kept on remembering GOD. The creature who is in a happy state is often away from GOD because he remains entangled in Maya (Illusion). He remains trapped in his wealth, sons and grandsons and worldly affairs. In such a situation, he has only limited time for GOD.

Some exceptions are possible in both the examples but as a principle, it is true that in sorrow we are closer to GOD. Therefore, seeing sorrow in life we should not be panic and should believe that GOD has given us an opportunity to come closer to Him.