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111 How valuable is worldly wealth ? (Worldly wealth is very helpless)

Worldly wealth is very helpless from a spiritual point of view because by it we cannot redeem ourselves nor we can enhance our afterlife. In order to earn this worldly wealth, whatever immorality and sins we have incurred, we cannot remove it by spending this money. Will we be able to reduce it by spending worldly money when our sins are accounted for before GOD ? Therefore, it is foolish to earn more than the need of living when worldly wealth is not going to support. An argument is made that the money will be useful for future generations. History is a witness that if the next generation comes out unworthy, then the treasured deposit will also be ruined and if it is worthy, it will itself reach the peak from nothing.

Therefore, by making some arrangements necessary for living, necessary for old age and some for the next generation, the rest of our energy we should devote to earn that supernatural devotional wealth which is only capable of forever redeeming us from the cycle of birth and death.

112 What to do with the four varnas situated in self ? (Put all four varnas in the service of GOD)

In the Sanatana Dharma (Hindu Religion), there are four varnas considered as Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. We should believe that when we serve, worship and pray to the GOD, we become Brahmin. When we see our vices and demerits as enemies and try to overcome them for the delight of GOD, then we become Kshatriya who protects his fort or kingdom from the enemy. When we earn wealth morally by dedicating our deeds to GOD, we become Vaishya. When we began to manage the cleaning of GOD's temple, holy offerings and clothing we become Shudra.

It is far better that we divide ourselves into four parts rather than dividing the society into four varnas and when we succeed to resemble the conduct of these four varnas for GOD, our body becomes Godly. Believe this because the Scriptures have mentioned the habitat of the four varnas in the GOD’s Holy body. There is no doubt at all that if our body does the work of these four varnas for GOD then our body becomes Godly.

113 Which joy is the biggest ? (The joy of devotion is the biggest)

When there is an excess of anything in the world, a feeling of satisfaction comes for that thing. If someone loves sweets and is given sweets to eat throughout the day, then he will be so satisfied by evening that he will refuse to eat further. But the devotion of GOD is such that the creature is never satisfied. Only the devotion of GOD is such that no matter how much the creature does, he will continue to want to do more. This is because the more we indulge in devotion, the more joy we feel.

The joy of devotion goes on increasing continuously. Therefore, the person who wants to experience true joy in life should start to undertake devotion of GOD without any delay.

114 Whose call is heard by GOD ? (GOD listens to everyone's call)

A mother who gives birth has the closest relationship with her son or daughter. But if that mother's child calls her mother from his room, then that voice does not reach that mother at some distance, busy in the kitchen. But when we call on GOD, our voice always reaches GOD, no matter from where we call and at any time we call. GOD even listens to our untold words. GOD also hears the call of an ant.

A mother could not hear the call of her child from a distance but GOD always listens to the call of all. Sitting two rooms away, the mother cannot hear the call of her child but GOD residing in Shri Vaikunthji always hears the call of His children. GOD is present in every particle and that is the reason that He is always available to hear the call of everyone from everywhere.

115 Excess of what is beneficial ? (Excess of GOD’s love and devotion is beneficial)

Excess of anything is very painful. The excessive accumulation of wealth gives us concern for its safety. Excess of copulation makes our body weak. Excess of fame gives rise to ego within us. In this way, we saw that the result of the excess of wealth, lust and fame is ultimately painful.

If we do excess only and only in the love of GOD and devotion of GOD, then it gives us immense benefit and proves beneficial for us. The creature is benefited most by the love of GOD and devotion of GOD. The excess in GOD’s love and devotion makes us happy and also leads to our salvation.

116 How can a noble child get birth ? (The birth of a noble child is possible due to the effect of Satsang done by the mother)

If mothers undertake devotion of GOD before conception and after conception and continuously listen to the divine narrations of GOD, listen to hymns, chant the name of GOD, do kirtan then a child with divine qualities will be born. The Scriptures say that there are many celestial souls in the space, who are waiting for a moral womb.

Great devotee Shri Prahladji should be seen as a living example. Even after being born in the demon clan, he became such a great devotee of GOD even when he was still in the midst of vices. Due to the Satsang from the saint of Deities GOD Shri Naradji and hearing of GOD’s narration by his mother, the child in the womb had the effect of devotion. The devotion of Shri Prahladji uplifted the previous and next generations of his family. Therefore, mothers should always listen, contemplate, chant and recite about the GOD, especially before and during pregnancy, so that the noble child is born from their womb.

117 Whom should we love selflessly ? (We must love GOD selflessly)

GOD loves His devotees the most. In that too, there is no limit to the amount of love GOD bestows on His selfless devotees. Therefore, if we undertake devotion, then much more than wealth, wife, son and grandson we should love GOD.

The love of GOD for His selfless devotee is incomparable. Nothing can be compared to this. It cannot be described by the use of any adjective and no analogy can be given for it. GOD considers His selfless loving devotees as His crown jewel, that is, considers their place on His divine forehead. GOD keeps His selfless devotees on His eyelids. In a context in Shri RamCharitManasji, GOD has even said that His selfless devotees are dearer to him than His motherland, family and even Bhagwati Mata (GODDESS). Therefore, we should keep our devotion and love for GOD purely selfless as ShriGopijan has kept.

118 What should we take when we approach GOD ? (We must approach the GOD with reverence, love and devotion)

If we go to GOD out of fear or for the purpose of fulfillment of any wish, then GOD is not much pleased. GOD is pleased to some extent that even for the fulfillment of some selfishness but the soul came to him. But GOD is not much pleased because our selfishness is hidden in it.

The Scriptures say that if you want to go to GOD in the true sense, then you should go with reverence, love and devotion, then only GOD gets completely pleased. GOD is so merciful and kind that He automatically protects us from every fear and fulfills our every virtuous desire without speaking. Therefore, if we want to go to GOD, we should go with reverence, love and devotion.

119 With whom we must have a close relationship ? (Close relationship must be with the GOD only)

We keep a very close relationship with a friend or a family member but forget to have a close relationship with GOD. We do not know in which species that friend or family member will go after death. Then we do not even know whether we will ever meet him again while traveling in 8.4 million species. But GOD will always be available to us in every species forever and our union with GOD will be possible in every species.

Therefore, we should keep the closest relationship in life with only and only GOD.

120 Towards whom should we completely surrender ? (There should be complete surrender towards GOD)

What can be a greater calamity for a man and a woman than this that in front of a strong and capable man his wife was about to be humiliated. What can be a bigger calamity for that woman than that she is going to be humiliated in front of her husband. Such was the situation of Bhagwati Draupadiji and in such a situation, on a call of Bhagwati Draupadiji, GOD kept her honor. But GOD did not come until Bhagwati Draupadiji had completely surrendered and until she had faith in her family's strength and body strength.

But when Bhagwati Draupadiji lost faith in everyone and completely surrendered to GOD, then GOD came immediately and saved her honor. Therefore, if we also take complete shelter of GOD in the greatest calamity, then GOD will surely protect us because it is the vow of GOD. Hence the need is only to have complete trust in GOD and to take complete shelter of GOD.