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101 Which earning will remain with us even after death ? (Earning of Devotion)

We earn money and spend that money on ourselves. In this way, money comes and goes. But we do not earn the devotion that comes if we earn it but never goes. Leave aside the fact of it going, this earning of devotion increases day by day one and a quarter times. Even after death, this earning of devotion remains with us.

We get worldly pleasure from money while devotion gives us divine ecstasy. Therefore, the priority in life should not be of money but of earning devotion.

102 How to devote to GOD ? (Devote to GOD selflessly)

If we stop asking from GOD and become selfless, then GOD will take so much care of us that we will never have to ask anything again. GOD knows our every need. When we ask, GOD does not like it because it shows our distrust of GOD.

We should become selfless but we are not able to become selfless and always keep on asking GOD. For this reason, we get only what we are entitled to but on becoming selfless, GOD gives His everything to the devotee. Therefore, we should not become desirous but should become selfless before GOD.

103 How to be free from desires ? (Freedom from desires by GOD’s grace)

Man is entangled in many desires. In this, the desire for wealth, the desire of women and the desire for fame are most prominent. Only the grace of GOD can liberate us from these desires. GOD is always ready to bless the creature but the creature does not become eligible to receive the blessing of GOD, this is a big mistake of the creature. The desires of Kanchan (wealth), Kamini (woman) and fame are so strong that it is not possible to escape from them without the grace of GOD.

Therefore, for the renunciation of desires in life, the only option is to earn the grace of GOD by coming to the Divine Lotus Feet of GOD.

104 Who is most dear to GOD ? (Those who wish well for all is dear to GOD who wish well for all)

Saints say in humor that despite being all-capable, GOD does not have one power and that power is the power to do evil to someone. GOD does not have such power, therefore, GOD can never do evil to anyone. Secondly, the saints say that whatever behavior anyone has he will love those who behave in a manner similar to him. The conduct of GOD is not to do anyone’s evil, therefore, those creatures who never do evil to anyone are dear to GOD.

Therefore, if one wants to become the beloved of GOD in his life, he should never think of doing anyone’s evil even in his dreams.

105 How can disorders be cleaned ? (Cleanliness of disorders with devotion)

Like a man's facial beard grows daily. If he has to keep his face clean then the beard has to be cleaned daily. Similarly, inauspicious desires and deformities are born in our minds every day. If we have to keep them away and keep the mind immaculate then we will have to keep the mind clean by undertaking daily devotion of GOD. Therefore, the need for devotion is always there. Sometimes we do devotion and sometimes we do not, that does not work.

Devotion should always be done then only the inauspicious desires and distortions that take birth every day will continue to be destroyed and our life will remain virtuous and will continue to remain dear to GOD.

106 Who governs the universe ? (The universe runs by the governance of GOD)

The whole world is running systematically. The whole universe is moving in rhythm. All beings receive justice according to their deeds. While contemplating these things, we can easily visualize the great capability of GOD. Only by a mere resolution of GOD, all are arranged, all are in rhythm. The rhythm and order that are seen in the governance of the GOD are incredible and incomparable. It can never be compared with any worldly illustration.

We should always remain indebted to GOD who governs the universe, of which we are a part and should visualize His divinity everywhere.

107 Who should be kept in the center while performing every action ? (We should perform every action by keeping GOD in the center)

You can see health-conscious people in the cities in the morning who go for a walk in the park. How good it will be if such health-conscious people become aware of the love of GOD and only change the purpose of their morning walk. How profitable it will be if they change the habit of walking in the park for one hour in the morning and instead go to a temple walking half an hour, spend ten minutes to visualize GOD in the temple and spend half an hour walking back to home. This will ensure their walk and will also make them earn virtues along with health. GOD is so compassionate that for the person who comes to visualize Him for ten minutes, He counts half an hour of his coming from home and half an hour of walking back to home and instead of ten minutes virtue He writes one hour and ten minutes virtue in his account.

Therefore, every action in life should be done by keeping GOD in the center, then that action will be devotional and its benefits will be endless.

108 What should be done in life ? (Devotion of GOD should be undertaken in life)

In life, we earn money and use that money to fetch the means of comfort. One of the main motives behind our earning money is that life should be lived in a comfortable way. We make comfortable bungalows, buy the comfortable vehicles. We should be content to live in an ordinary home and own an ordinary vehicle because in the last journey there will be no means of comfort in the bier and no comfortable mattress on the wood of the pyre.

Therefore, earning as much as is necessary for moral living, we should devote our rest capability in undertaking the devotion of GOD. This is the true earning which is going to be with us forever and will provide us salvation.

109 Who resides in our heart ? (GOD resides in our heart)

If we are true devotees and if GOD resides in our heart, then we will never do anything bad for anyone or do anything wrong. It is the principle that devotion makes us so virtuous that even in dreams we cannot think of doing anything wrong. In other words, not doing bad or wrong to anyone is an affirmation that GOD resides in our heart and our devotion is true.

GOD loves that devotee who keeps good emotions towards all and does not perform any action or conduct contrary to religion. He who believes that GOD resides within himself will never do any such thing in life that does not please GOD sitting inside. He will always work keeping in mind the delight of GOD.

110 Which earning is useful even afterlife ? (The earning of devotion is useful even afterlife)

Only necessary goods are carried along in the journey. Unnecessary goods are discarded. In the last journey of life, only our devotion towards GOD will go with us. Relationships, wealth-property, honor-respect, vehicle-bungalow will all be left on earth.

If we go on a trip to another country, then we carry the currency that works there. Similarly, only devotion is going to be useful in the journey after death. We cannot buy this devotion from the money earned on the earth like we easily buy foreign currency from our currency. Therefore, when the money earned on the earth is not going to be further useful, then we should earn that which is going to be with us forever. Therefore, in our lifetime, we should utilize our energy properly to earn devotion.