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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: Taking the shelter of GOD is a great manhood of life, which we often ignore and thus make a big mistake in human life. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

The refuge is very dear to GOD. Making the refugee fearless and to undertake his benefit is the vow of GOD. To bear the full responsibility (Yogkshem) of the refugee is also the vow of GOD.

Giving the complete sermon of Shrimad Bhagavad Geetaji, GOD finally asked Shri Arjunji to come to His shelter. On seeking shelter, GOD frees the creature from fear, sin and sorrow. GOD said in the context of Shri Vibhishanji in Shri RamCharitManasji that no matter after how big treason one may have committed but even after that if he comes under His shelter with true repent of a sincere heart, GOD never abandons that creature.

It has often been seen that as long as we have faith in our family strength, money strength, prudence strength and our own strength, we are not able to take complete shelter of GOD. All these act as a hindrance in taking complete shelter from GOD. In the absence of complete surrender, GOD does not come, neither does He intervenes.

We will try to understand this fact with two examples. The first context is of Bhagwati Draupadiji. As long as Bhagwati Draupadiji kept the hope of rescue from her husband and other elders present in the assembly in the context of Cheerharan (humiliation), GOD did not come. Then when she relied on her own strength and held on tightly to her saree, GOD did not come. When she took shelter of GOD, forgetting all the shelters and forgetting her own strength as she left the saree, GOD appeared in the cloth incarnation and kept her pudency. The second context is of Shri Gajendraji. Till he applied his family strength and his own strength, GOD did not come. But before drowning, forgetting all his strength, when he took the shelter of GOD, then GOD came immediately on taking His half name and to avoid delay He sent His Shri Sudarshanji Chakraraj (Divine weapon of GOD) before Himself and freed Shri Gajendraji from the trouble.

How easy is the way that the creature has to do nothing other than taking shelter of GOD but see the misfortune of the creature that he often misses out on doing so. The creature trusts the world but does not trust GOD. But the blessed one who takes the shelter of GOD, he then immediately becomes free from worry and becomes fearless.

When we take the shelter of GOD, then the work of our concern becomes that of GOD. It becomes the responsibility of GOD to take care of the refugee, protect him, work for his benefit and welfare and GOD always performs this responsibility very well.

English Translation done with GOD's inspiration by Sheelnidhi Gupta